Higher Education Support Program Student Initiatives 2013


The Student Initiatives aim to help students formulate and pursue individual and collective commitments to progressive change in higher education and build open and inclusive networks of informed opinion and action across the borders. The program supports student groups committed to building awareness and claiming a stronger voice in advocating for the issues immediately relevant to the quality of their educational experience and inspires students with the sense of responsibility in their academic and local community.

The International Higher Education Support Program of the Open Society Foundations is pleased to invite project proposals for new projects from students within its Student Initiatives from university student communities in Ukraine.

I. Student Solidarity for Antidiscrimination and Access to Higher Education
II. Examination of Higher Education Reforms and the Quality of Higher Education
III. The Status of Student Organizations and their Participation in University Governance
IV. Students for Transparency in Higher Education
V. Examination of Finances in Higher Education

All submitted project proposals must meet the following requirements:
• All project proposals should include developing a new or using an existing in-depth study of the current situation on the subject of the project and relevant advocacy and awareness building activities;
• project proposals must be initiated, written, submitted and implemented by student organizations/groups;
• the maximum length of a project is 12 months;
• project proposals must be submitted on the attached application form in English.

The maximum amount of the requested budget is $25,000. Project budgets may cover the preparation and actual running of the proposed activities. We are not able to support the purchasing of office equipment (computers, laptops, etc.) and pay full salaries to project staff.

Projects activities can be run and implemented in national languages, but all project related documents and correspondence with the grantor must be in English.

Earliest possible project start: June 15, 2013. Latest possible project start: October 1, 2013.

Applications should be submitted electronically as one PDF file tostudent.initiative@opensocietyfoundations.org no later than March 31, 2013.

Selection Procedure:
An International Expert Committee will perform the selection of the applications. The results of the selection will be announced by April 20, 2013. (In cases, where minor changes are needed, applicants may be asked to resubmit their project proposals and budgets.)

For additional information please contact:
Ms. Krisztina Szeberin
Program Officer
Higher Education Support Program / Open Society Institute-Budapest
Phone: (+36 1) 882-3850, Fax: (+36 1) 882-3112, E-mail:student.initiative@opensocietyfoundations.org
Website: http://www.soros.org/initiatives/hesp




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