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How I learned to enjoy life during volunteer filmmaking


I started volunteering service many years ago at  Donetsk Civic Organization «Alliance» (Ukraine). Then I chose to become a lawyer and spent a lot of time studying this profession in theory and practice. Still, I kept my interest in filmmaking and did film-cutting for my friends on various occasions. As a keen filmmaker, I also made a promo video for «Alliance» partners. Luckily, Don Bosco Youthnet Nederland noticed this promo and invited me to make a video for them.

I went to the Netherlands for 5 weeks to record and edit the film about «Vakantiebos 2016» — the event which takes place every year in Don Bosco Youthnet Nederland. Through camera I saw everything. From the first day full of curious people coming – and till the last day of leaving with tears on their eyes.

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